Phat Chicks – West Footscray


For the longest time the West was missing that little something something. That little ‘Oomph’, or a ‘KAPOW!’ or simply a “BAMF!” that has everyone turning for a double take. West Footscray is an immensely huge cultural tasting plate, largely owing to it’s diverse amalgamation of ethnicities. It’s also a place I call home, a proud foodie of the West!

Barkly Street is quite literally ‘Little India’, that branches off to a slew of famous Vietnamese eateries, local takeaways and a few eccentrically placed midnight kebab trucks for the inebriated and bad decision makers at 2am on a Saturday.

But we were missing something weren’t we? Something that we could truly call our own. Little did I know, a revolution was afoot. The chicken coop was stirring with a fried chicken game so strong, this movement has quickly piqued the interest of locals and The Hungry Mo’ included!






Located right next to Thai Angels and just a stone’s throw away from Blunt Barbers is Phat Chicks now call home to roost.

Phat Chicks is the brainchild of Jenny Nguyen of whom I regard as the fried chicken Messiah that delivered the West from our sins. Jenny has been busy spending the last 9 months bringing her dream into fruition.

Every trinket and gadget in this man-cave-esque spot has been meticulously picked out. From the ‘Friend-zone’ chill out lounge area to the classic arcade machines (POINT-BLANK!!) every minute detail has been thought out to enhance the experience of inhaling a crispy piece of fried poultry.

Pleasantries aside, let’s get cluckin’!

Chicken is sold in pieces ranging from breast, thunder thighs, wings and spareribs.

You may like your fried chicken original or opt for flavours ranging from; salt and vinegar, chilli kettle chips, mi goreng, sesame soy, sweet chilli garlic, cheese, chilli and buffalo with the most pungent blue cheese your nose will ever whiff. If you’re a blue cheese fan, I promise you will be in heaven. If you’re not a fan, I’ll pray for your sinuses and their family.

Cajun fries – $6.50
Fried drumsticks w/ cheese – $2 per piece
Chicken wings w/ sweet garlic chilli – $1 per wing
Pimped up ribs from left to right (Mi Goreng, Salt and Vinegar and Chilli) – $2 per rib
Thunder thighs w/ sesame soy – $4 per piece
Corn and cheese – $9.50
How deep is your love? 😉

The awesome:

  • Thunder thighs – It’s hard to describe great chicken without using words like juicy, moist or orgasmic. But these thighs were exactly that, wonderfully coated and fried. There were some gherkins to cut through the fried goodness.
  • Wings – Encrusted well especially with the salt and vinegar chips. I actually thought the coating had cornflakes for crunch but it turned out to be crushed kettle chips! The salt to vinegar ratio was just right. If you’re salt and vinegar fan like I am, you’ll love these.
  • Ribs – Two words, MI GORENG. What the flip. So you’re telling me not only can I get ribs but it’ll also taste like mi goreng too?! Shut the front door! These were amazing guys and I’m actually craving them as I write this (usually a good sign). It really does taste like mi goreng but taken to the umpteenth degree with a side of fried chicken.

The not-so-awesome:

  • I was slightly disappointed that there were no chicken burgers or loaded fries. However, I was told that if enough people annoy Jenny about it, she might reconsider! -hint hint-
  • Fried chicken is bad for me along with everything else that I love in this world.

On a serious note, growing up in West Footscray it’s so great to see so many places opening up in my neck of the woods like Phat Chicks and many other places I haven’t had the chance to visit, yet.

Maybe someone reading this can be inspired and open up say… a hot dog place in the West? I would love you forever.

4.5 moustaches out of 5!

Phat Chicks Fried Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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