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I get a warm feeling in my heart when a new place open in my neck of woods. It’s like finding a $20 note in your pocket that you forgot about from last year.  Sunshine Social’s located on Glengala Road and if you’re whizzing about on your daily cruise you may just miss it. I like to keep my ears and eyes open because you gotta watch out for freshmen when there’s a new kid on the block.

I just came back from a week-long trip from Vietnam and was grateful to escape the humidity but was welcomed by Australia’s cold embrace. It’s good to be home.



Selection Sunshine Dips (Sweet-roasted pumpkin hummus, Beetroot and white bean, Middle Eastern carrot & yoghurt, Pistachio pea mint & parmesan, Smokey eggplant & green chilli) – $18
Complimentary Turkish bread w/ the dips
Slow cooked pork ribs w Sunshine BBQ sauce – $25.50
Sunshine Charcoal Chicken (Half w/ 2 sides) – $28.50
Wagyu Skirt Flank w/ Charred Corn – $34 (Special)
Fried chicken (Slaw, jalapenos, mayo & cheese) w/ Sunshine-seasoned chips – $13.50

Sunshine Social sports a spacious outdoor dining area are a welcoming site for large families with space for the kids to run a muck! Inside felt cosy with a large communal table and I noticed the large grill in the back, where I’m sure most of the magic happens.

The menu is nice and simple, Sunshine Social offers a lot of their proteins freshly cooked on the grill, burgers and largely open salad menu. They also have freshly baked Turkish bread and dip!

The awesome:

  • Staff were friendly, attentive. We were recommended the Wagyu Skirt Flank steak and staff described it to me as the most tender thing I’ll put in my mouth! (I’ll let that one slide)
  • Grilled meats: There is no question that Sunshine Social can grill. Every piece of meat that were served were precisely charred and smokey whilst still being juicy. The grill master at Sunshine Social can definitely grill! Even the corn sported a nice kiss from the grill.
  • I need to speak about that Peri-peri gravy that was served with the roasted chicken. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted something interesting before. Great for dipping your chips in!

I can already see the outdoor area brimming once Spring comes along. Beers, grilled meat and Sun – what more can you ask for?

3 moustaches out of 5

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