Mr and Mrs. Anderson – Hawthorn East


If you’re an avid follower of this blog (my mom prefers to watch Masterchef instead, I don’t blame her), you’ll come to realise that I don’t write up about brunch places as you’ll find other bloggers. There may be a few here and there but they are mostly swallowed up by my passionate affair with high calorie, artery clogging, coma-inducing escapades.

It’s worrying that I’ve somehow managed to elude the brunch game for so long, especially since I consider myself a proud Melbournian. Surely I’ve been doing my city a disservice by not showcasing the armada of cafes that feed our caffeine addiction and smash our avo’s. Eventually, the siren call lured me in.

I came to an epiphany whilst munching on a mouthful of Mr and Mrs Anderson’s Eggs Benny.

I need to start brunching more.

The lovely folks from Mr and Mrs. Anderson invited yours truly to partake in a lovely Saturday brunch session. Mr and Mrs. Anderson source ingredients from local suppliers and even have supplies coming from their Gippsland farm. The executive chef was instrumental in creating menus for Supernormal, Cumulus Inc. and Cutler and Co. All of the credentials combined with Melbourne produce, translate into wonderfully aesthetic dishes that are utterly mouth watering. Don’t forget to snap up some pics and update your IG because every dish is IG-worthy.




Phin Cafe (Vietnamese Iced Coffee) – $6.50
Mofo Hot Chocolate – $3.80
Poke bowl (w/ seared salmon, sesame, soy, brown rice, nori, avocado, spring onion, macadamia, pickled ginger) – $19.50
Eggs benedict (pressed slow-cooked pork shoulder and leek, sage hollandaise, 2 poached eggs and sage) – $19.50
I wanna go back.
Caramelised dark chocolate brioche, crystallised dark chocolate, dark chocolate matcha trufffles w/ raspberry coulis and sorbet, fresh berries, candied walnuts and flowers) – $16.50

Mr and Mrs. Anderson commands a clean visual peppered with it’s signature green throughout (even in it’s dishes!). The timber ribbons throughout the main dining area with feature tiles flecked throughout to a  feed your eyes with a bright and clean decor. Something about filament bulbs that feels calms and warms your heart before you smash some avos. I found Mr and Mrs Anderson surprising spacious and if not for the blistering cold, I would have definitely opted for brunch, al fresca.

The awesome:

  • The eggs benedict here is decadent and pairs up nicely with an  extra serve of mushrooms. Have you ever laid eyes on such a pair of perfectly poached eggs with such a glisten on the Hollandaise? I almost forgot to take a picture because I just wanted to cut that sucker. There’s a richness to the Hollandaise that I wish I could describe in words. It’s a damn good eggs benny and there’s lamb shoulder with leek on crunchy toast. Get it. Get it now! Recommended.
  • That dark chocolate brioche is a dangerous. Seriously. I don’t have a single sweet tooth in my body but I couldn’t stop digging at it. A layer of jam lay hidden inside the brioche and you would think combined with all the goodness on the plate it would be sweetness overloaded. Nope. Everything had a part to play, the raspberry coulis and sorbet were the palate cleanser when things got too chocolatey. When you wanted a piece of chocolate they came in crystallised form, matcha ball or brioche. It would be an understatement to say this was my favorite dish of the evening. Definitely recommended!

It saddens me that Mr and Mrs. Anderson is at least a 30 minute drive (without traffic) from the West. Would I come back? Definitely.

4.5 moustaches out of 5!

Mr & Mrs Anderson Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclosure: The Hungry Moustache dined courtesy of Mr and Mrs. Anderson. All opinions, bad puns and blurry photos are strictly my own.

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