Mason Dixon – CBD – Bourke Street [Lunch Crawl]


I haven’t been to New York (or America for that matter) nor have I had the pleasure of visiting the historical deli’s that are littered throughout the Big Apple. I’ve seen the videos of the famous Katz’s Deli where Harry met Sally was filmed (and everyone knows the infamous scene of a  young Meg Ryan) and Adam Richman (of Man v. Food fame) downing overstuffeded sandwiches like childsplay.

I’ve had my share of corned beef sandwiches but wasn’t any sandwiches in particular that had me fiending for more or much less, crave. Mason Dixon’s specialises in American sandwiches offering hoagies, bagels, breakfast menus and with your choice of meat. So much choices, so little time and tummy real estate.

Oh, did I say it was Mr. Brunswick last post like two post ago? I lied. His still with us. No one’s going to say no to Philly Cheese-Steak (unless you’re a monster).



Philly cheese-steak (Seasoned shaved grass fed Victorian chuck steak, American cheese, onions, capsicum, dijon mustard on a toasted hoagie) – $13
Everyone has an ‘angle’.
The MD Reuben (Corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, russian dressing on toasted rye) – $12 + Small fries – $4

Mason Dixon’s located inside the Bourke street food court located at the 600 Bourke. You’ll need to descend the stairs past the Woolies and make your way to the back on the right side.

The awesome:

  • Mr. Brunswick ordered the Philly Cheese-steak and loved it! I had a taste and would agree Mason’s cheese-steak is a balanced mouthful. Coupled with a serve of fries and you’re golden. I would’ve liked the steak to be less well-done but I’m sure the yanks would disagree.
  • I ordered for the MD Reuben and this was a great sandwich. Granted I’ve been here before and tried the Pastrami – this was equally great because of how the corned beef is not overpowered by anything. The Russian dressing is not too strong but cuts through the beef and sauerkraut brings some freshness and crunch. If you come during the quieter times, the bread is toasted perfectly. Recommended.
  • Every sandwich comes with complimentary pretzels, pickles and mint. Cause you gotta be ready for the ladies after a lunch session with some sauerkraut and pickles.

Definitely recommend Mason’s to anyone working in the CBD. Even without fries/sides the sandwich is substantial and will satisfy big eaters. The wait is not too long (10 minutes turnaround) and there is always a seat at the food court. Or you can head back to the office and eat in isolation.

4 moustaches out of 5!

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