De Grill – Sunshine Plaza


Public Service Announcement!

We have a new place to feed on when we catch on Tightarse-Tuesdays in Sunshine that isn’t Mambos! Rising from the ashes of from the now closed Dick Smith is De Grill (DG).  DG proves to a be a mix of modern and trendy, a long overdue injection of fresh air in Sunshine. We do have some promising places opening up soon. (More to come!)

Located right next to KFC and in prime location to lure curious moviegoers, I couldn’t help myself either and came on opening night. We were told there was free coffee (all types) just for that day. Score.





Corn on the cob (Grilled corn, smoked paprika, parmesan) – $10
Spicy hotdog (Chorizo, jalapeno, mustard, onion jam, tomato sauce) – $9
Crispy chicken (Buttermilk soaked chicken, spices, DG secret sauce) – $9.50
Caesar Salad – $4
Kransky hotdog (Sausage, mustard, onion jam, cheddar cheese) – $8
Loaded fries – $6
Cheese steak (Angus steak, cheese, onion rings, lettuce, tomato, DG secret sauce) – $9
Beef short ribs (Tender ribs, BBQ sauce, caramelised onions, spicy sour cream) – $16


Half chicken (Marinated in DG special herbs and spices, chimichurri sauce) – $16
New york strip 220g (Mustard, parsley, chilli, garlic sauce) – $16

DG seems to be a well-oiled machine with hoards of staff all busy either at the drinks station, serving or when the kitchen door peeps open, busy cooking up a storm.

We came on opening night roughly a month ago and it was properly packed. De Grill’s furnished with a bright, casual and trendy outfit that feels welcoming. Seating is spacious and you’re never too close to other diners (if you love your personal space like me). We tried to order most of the menu to see what De Grill was all about. The benefits of eating with friends is you grow fat together.

The awesome:

  • Service: I’ve this once and I’ve said it before, if someone laughs at my Dad jokes you score bonus moustache points with me. Seriously though, it just means you have personality and enjoy your job which is exactly the type of people who should be working in hospitality. It’s a win-win situation where the diners have a great time and the server doesn’t spend all day counting the minutes until they clock off. Long story short, service was great.
  • Loaded fries: My favourite of the night, the fries were crispy and delightfully fluffy inside. Because it wasn’t overly loaded the chips were still crunchy and weren’t overly soggy.
  • The mini hot dogs were a nice bite with the savoury kransky/chorizo mixing in with the sweet bun. The sweetness reminds me of breadtop buns. I was a bit bummed out on the mini-ness of the dogs.

I think De Grill has a habit of over-saucing their dishes especially the fried wings and the caesar salad. These dishes would’ve benefited from just half the amount of sauce that they were served with. It’s also a shame that the slider-sized burgers on offer don’t come with beef pattie’s but steak. This is subjective because I’m not a fan of steak sammie’s/burgers.

I also want to point out that the hotdogs served here are small. If you’re a big eater and like eating long hot dogs (like me) the size adhere to what I call a mini-hot dog. I really wish there are more places in Sunshine that do a mean dog (or burger)!

3 moustaches out of 5

De Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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