Burger Boys – Church Lane [Lunch Crawl]


Side bar.. how good is GoT right now? No spoilers here, but I’m definitely riding that Tormund-Brienne ship. Tormund’s banter with The Hound was definitely one of the many highlights for me.  Can’t wait for the finale! Oh where were we? Oh yes! Burgers. I’ll carry on now.

Like always, Mr. Brunswick is always in the know about the dingiest dives with properly equipped burgers. A pop-up burger joint residing inside a Melbourne back-alley with minimal lighting? The God of flannels and fedoras are calling out to us while sipping on a pumpkin-spiced latte. With ironic ties and bright coloured socks in tow, we made our way to the holy land.






Kentucky Derby (Twice-fired chicken, sriracha mayo, saigon slaw, hi-melt cheese) and twice-cooked chips
Classic w/ extra patty (150g beef x2, hi-melt cheese, mustard, ketchup, tomato, red onion, lettuce, mayo, pickle) and twice-cooked chips

We heard of Burger Boys for the longest time but never had a chance to visit due to closure and then varying locations. They finally found a resting place located at ‘Saving Grace’ on Church Lane in Melbourne’s CBD. ‘Burger Boy’ pop restaurant by day and man-cave-cosy ‘Saving Grace’ bar by night. Melbournian’s love burgers and we sure as heck love getting drunk even more. Genius move, really.

Seating is limited (peak lunch time and all), so make sure you get there early or you’re going to be stuck freezing your acorns off in the cold. Unless you’re reading this in Summer, in which case make sure you come early or you’ll sweat your acorns off.

The awesome:

  • Service is beyond friendly and gave me a ‘Not sure if this guy is my hero or he’s definitely crazy’ look when they saw my burger. It ‘s not easy leading this life of crazy double burgers, bro. We sat at the bar and I was extremely impressed by the coat hangers underneath.
  • I want to acknowledge the structural integrity of the burgers they serve here. They don’t disintegrate upon contact and the bun are not a soggy mess crushed by the layers of ingredients. For such a towering burger this is quite a feat (Tip of the fedora to you, sir). This started to make sense the more I chewed – the patties are a leaner mince without as much fat as I’m used to. You have to weigh the pros and cons, do you want to take a shower after every bite or actually enjoy the burger? I didn’t mind the leaner grind because what’s the point of food if they all taste the same?

I want to point out the fries while crunchy, did not taste twice-cooked. This is reflected in my score below. As always, my body thanked yours truly for a job well done with a massive dose of food comatose. Thanks, guy. It lasted roughly an hour.

Boy do we have it rough in Melbourne hey?

3.5 moustaches out of 5!

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