Sambal Kampung – Little Collins [Lunch Crawl]


You can’t help feeling like Jon Snow when sometimes weather in Melbourne feels like you’re battling white walkers in the North. I don’t have a Valerian sword in my hand but I do have a bowl of laksa which I’m sure even the Night’s Watch would be envious of. I’m unsure if George R. R. Martin’s universe involves culinary delights from Malaysia. It should.

Oh, we’re visiting Sambal Kampung today by the way for this edition of Lunch Crawls. It’s cold and we’re about to get our noodle on!

Also if you’re new here, Lunch Crawls is series about sharing my experiences in the Melbourne CBD and sifting through the plethora of lunch options on offer. Good, bad, beautiful, ugly, phenominal – I’ll cover them all.

Life’s too short for chicken and broccoli that make you question your existence.



Fried kuey teow (Flat noodle, prawn, fishcake, chinese sausage) – $11
Sambal fried fish – $16~
Seafood curry laksa (Prawn, calamari, fishcake, fish ball, tofu and vegetables) – $11
Oodles of noodles~

I’m no stranger to Sambal Kampung and especially love their Maribyrnong branch near Shinmai Tasty. Seating is cafeteria style, a lot of tables and space. I’m confident you’ll get a seat even if you don’t come early, turnover is relatively quick.

The awesome:

  • The value and laksa is a good deal here. $11 for a heaping bowl of seafood laksa in the city is typically decent deal. There’s also a stationary chilli station for eager chilli-heads (chilli oil and pickled chilli). There’s a deepness to the broth mostly likely owing the Sambal they use and the generous levels of both egg and rice noodles. I had a lovely time sweating beads while slurping every last drop of broth. Recommended.

I wish there was more ‘wok hei’ in the fried keuy teow. This is the smokey flavour that comes from using the wok on very high heat. Overall, not a fan of the oilyness from the dish, I think it could benefit from some pickles or some kind of acid.

But then again, I’m not Malaysian.. so what do I know?

3.5 moustaches out of 5!

Sambal Kampung Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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