Blahnik – Equitable Place [Lunch Crawl]


It’s been a few years since I’ve been in high school. But I do remember fond memories scrambling from the lockers and bolting straight to the cafeteria for first dibs for the lunch time delights. If you were late by even 5 minutes expect to see a sad pile of soggy hot dogs that costed $2.10 each (sauce not included).

Almost a decade later and and few more hot dogs under my belt, Melbourne’s CBD is now my cafeteria. Sadly, potato cakes are no longer $0.50c. Fortunately, there’s still quite a few places in the CBD that still offer cafeteria style lunches. Lunch time squad assembled, we made our way to Blahnik.






Oh, the variety.
Quarter chicken w/ garden salad and roasted potatoes – $12.50
So much caramelisation!
Roast lamb w/ beetroot salad and roasted potato – $14.50

Blahnik is a jack of all trades. They offer coffee, quick-to-go sandwiches/rolls/wraps but their main quip is their hot meals towards the back. For $14.50 (Roast chicken is $12.50), you choose a main that ranges from roast beef/lamb, rogan josh, lasagna etc and your choice of two sides (salads/chips/roast potatoes). There’s a lot of variety and I’d be surprised if you don’t see an item you fancy.

The awesome:

  • On my first visit, the lamb called out to me. Coupled with a tangy beetroot salad and some ungodly delicious roasted potatoes and I knew my plate was all kinds of special. The servers are extremely generous with their thick cuts of lamb and the gravy/jus they were cooked in was savoury, rich and my level of saltiness. I just couldn’t stop eating it! Due to the saltiness of the lamb, the beetroot cut through with it’s acidity perfectly. Don’t get me started on those potatoes. Recommended.
  • They were so good, I think the roasted potatoes deserved their own special shout-out. I came to realise on my second visit, the potatoes are only served on a certain days! You may be disappointed to find out their not a daily regular (as was I). The taters were fluffy on the inside and was obviously roasted quite a while with drippings caramelised on top. What you got was a deliciously cooked potato that was tangy and goes well with whatever protein you choose. Recommended.
  • I can’t deny Blahnik of their variety in mains. You are seriously spoilt for choice either for mains and then sides. Bonus points for variety!

Note: I came here on a second visit and chose the roast beef with a beetroot salad and scallop potatoes. I would advise against getting the roast beef due to the toughness of the cut and the plastic cutlery having little to no effect on cutting the beef. I was also disappointed to find out out the roasted potatoes were not a regular side. Scallop potatoes were tender and creamy but wasn’t the same.

4 moustaches out of 5! (Score based on first visit)

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