Laksa Bar – Little Lonsdale [Lunch Crawl]


So.. Only two more years until the final season of GoT. What is a man to do? With what seems like the second coming of Winter in Melbourne last week, my soul needs a good warm up!

When in doubt always Laksa. Even when you’re not in doubt, still Laksa.

So there’s this place called Laksa Bar and they load their Laksa’s with all kind of toppings. And they top off the Malaysian favourite with a big fried soft-shell crab. I really don’t need much more convincing. Let’s get it!




LB fried chicken ribs w/ honey soy sauce (9pcs) – $12
Soft-shell crab curry laksa (2 pcs) – $15.90

Besides being quite a long walk from where I work, Laksa Bar is pretty central if you’re working near Parliament. Their right next to Gami’s if you’re a frequent KFC fan. It’s always a good sign when you walk in and almost everyone’s order was the exact same dish. Curry laksa with a big fried crab on top. I lunched with Pillar-chan so we got a side of fried chicken ribs just in case we were still hungry.

The awesome:

  • Laksa: There’s a lot to like with LB’s laksa. The broth is highly drinkable and I liked how the vermicelli noodles were thinner than most Malaysian spots. Of course with thinner noodles gives you a smaller window before they become soggy. There’s also a lot of toppings in this one bowl. It was a like a Malaysian bowl of treasures – I kept finding new bits and pieces (fish, fish balls and other goodies) the further I went down the rabbit hole.

Both Pillar-chan and I found that the laksa a bit too heavy due to the batter from the deep fried crab. I think it was a bit too much and made it had to finish our bowls. The same batter were also used for the chicken ribs. We surrendered after a piece or two. I really wanted to like this a lot more than I did but it wasn’t meant to be!

3 moustaches out of 5!

Laksa Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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