Afghan Master Kebab – Sunshine


Imagine being lost in the suburb of Sunshine, a mostly Vietnamese-centric society where the humble bowl of Pho or Bun Bo Hue is King. However, as you wander about the streets you catch a whiff of smoke that catches your attention and it stops you in your steps. It catches your lungs, not harsh enough to make you cough, but strong enough to engage your saliva glands sending hangry signals to your brain. As you edge closer to the source with your canine-like sense of smell, you encounter a humble looking restaurant. As the cloud clears and you rub the tear-inducing smoke from your face.. you read the sign, ‘Afghan Master Kebabs’. Overly dramatic much? Maybe, but this is what happens when you have some of the best charcoal grilled meats and bread in your backyard.

I am a fan of Afghan Master Kebab and I cannot endorse this restaurant enough because of the sheer quality of the food and how fresh everything is prepared!

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