Brooklyn Depot – CBD – Lonsdale St. [LUNCH CRAWL]


Before I start this review I want to take a second and acknowledge a gentlemen who works at Brooklyn Depot named Scott for his sheer professionalism and the outstanding service he provided. Long story short, I reserve a table for the wrong time and below the minimum people required for a booking yet Scott was still able to sneak us in. This was during the lunch peak, mind you. You’re a legend mate.

Bromance with Scotty a side, I noticed Brooklyn Depot roughly 2-3 weeks ago. It was properly buzzing with the lunchtime crowd despite only recently joining the ranks of numerous eateries in the CBD. Brooklyn Depot has stores in Queensland, New South Wales and now we finally get a slice of the pie in Victoria. With such a drool-worthy menu and a great location for work lunches – you know we had to do a Lunch Crawl.

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Up In Smoke – Footscray


Back in my hey day, there was no such thing as American BBQ. BBQ meant you had a few snags on the barbie, a few hammies (burgers for non-strayans) and some chicken wings. The only time I could appreciate and drool over smokey ribs and fork tender brisket was when Man v. Food premiered their first season. Thankfully, people have realised there’s a lot of foodies and heaps of potential in the Westside of which Smokehouse 101 and Up In Smoke has created their business around. Yes, I know – there are heaps of cool and hip BBQ in the North and East but we Westie’s need lovin’ too! I absolutely adore Smokhouse and have put off trying Up In Smoke for the longest time due to hype and lines.

The owners of Up In Smoke invested in a solid $20,000 Yoder Frontiersman Smoker (picture below) and having found massive success with 8-Bit, American BBQ seemed like the next logical step in building their culinary empire. You can then understand why I would steer away from UIS because, 1. hype is expectation’s disappointing cousin and 2. waiting in a line to then wait again for your food makes me sad. Regardless, we kept our expectations low and ventured forth.

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Smokehouse 101 – Maidstone


Ever had a place where you constantly go past and you promise to yourself, “Next time.. One day.. Whenever I’m free..”. Smokehouse 101 feel into this category for me and whilst it might have previously been the only American BBQ eatery in the West (Up In Smoke brings the count to 2) there was never a time where I had the chance to make a visit. I’m glad I had the opportunity this day!

Located on Rosamond road just a few blocks before Highpoint, Smokehouse can be easily missed if you do not have a keen eye. Inspired by the Southern states of America where BBQ is king, Smokehouse 101 is a charming and cosy loft that is filled with character and littered with trinkets that will keep your eyes busy. It felt as if we were lost in the middle of no where in Louisana and eating at a local shack where the locals round up to satisfy their carnivorous cravings.

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Third Wave – Prahran


I have been a long time fan of American BBQ and my fascination started off with the first series of Man Vs. Food back in 2008 when Adam Richman was no where near the household name as he is today. The thick slabs of juicy brisket, the tender ribs that barely hung onto the bones… there was almost no way I could’ve escaped and ignore the gloriousness that was on my screen. Slowly but surely, Australia shared my same enthusiasm. American BBQ inspired diners, restaurants, bistros popped up all over Melbourne. Some didn’t make it, some survived and built a name for themselves and some are still popping up in Melbourne and creating waves (Intended.) of popularity.

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