Shanghai Street Dumpling – CBD – Lt. Bourke St [Lunch Crawl]


I remember the XLB (Xiao Long Bao) and the dumpling hype of 2010 (approximately). Much like burger fanatics of today, everyone sought after the ‘best’ XLB they can wrap their mitts around. Over the years, I have found that the ‘best’ of anything is completely subjective and what is divine perfection to me can be 1/5 to the next person and so on. That being said, I have no qualms of rating Shanghai Street the highest in Melbourne for XLB’s and fried pork buns. I’ll explain why.

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Mr Q Grab & Go – CBD – Lt. Bourke St (Lunch Crawl)


Mr Q Grab & Go a bit of an odd name no? It’s quite literal but can be interpreted in so many different ways. Who is Mr Q and what is he making that can be easily grabbed and go? Is he making burgers? Bread rolls? What in gods name are you making Mr Q?! You might be surprised by Mr Q’s answer. Aside from the standard bagels baguettes that florish the menu inconspicuously, Mr Q touts not only dumplings but Bings and Baos as well.

For those out there that are unfamiliar, Bing’s are essentially a flat wrap made of egg that isΒ  wrapped in your choice of protein and various vegetables and sauces, like a burrito but with Chinese influences. A Bao is a soft white bun generally filled with savoury fillings such as ground meat or char siu. Taro and I opted for the Baos.Read More »

Tim Ho Wan – CBD – Bourke St


Disclaimer: We visited Tim Ho Wan on an Easter holiday. I would not recommend this.

We had a plan of attack, wake up early and make the queue’s before the crowd comes along and BAM, out of there before Tim Ho Wan knew what hit them.

Plans don’t usually pan out as they do in your head and in my case, it was an experience I wouldn’t forget anytime soon. What awaited us was a line stretching around the Michelin star famed restaurant with no end in sight. There was an end with an estimated wait time of one and half to two hours but I digress…

If I were to choose a restaurant that is currently feeding the hype beast within Melbourne, Tim Ho Wan would be my number one choice. Famous for being the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world (original restaurant based in Hong Kong), Tim Ho Wan has finally set it’s eyes on the dim sum fanatics in Melbourne. We’ve all heard the rumors and we’ve all seen the lines since the opening. However, because I love my non-existent readers, ain’t no line gonna be the boss of me.Read More »