+39 Pizzeria – CBD – Little Bourke [Lunch Crawl]


Pizza is a dime a dozen within the Melbourne CBD, you can’t walk one block without passing by a few margheritas or two. You can grab a greasy slice of unloved bread with questionable cheese or you can go to +39 to satisfy that constant weekly urge to have a whole pizza to yourself. Admittedly, this was my first time here and the excitement was coursing through my veins ready for that hot Italian injection. (cough)

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That Arancini Guy – South Melbourne Market [Truck Crawl]


Famous for their oversized dimmies and $1 oysters, the South Melbourne Market has transformed into a food lovers paradise with Food Trucks, vendors from far and wide filled with good vibes. I’m not a fan of the huge lines at the Queen Victoria Night Market so the South Melbourne version was a more relaxing experience (No lines means more food, faster!). We didn’t really have a strategy and mostly winged it and chose what sounded most interesting.

Note: I had to divide up these reviews from one post into individual posts because Zomato doesn’t like lazy bloggers (boo!).

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Fox In The Corn – Footscray


Okay, so the last few posts have been mostly about pizza and pasta. I don’t have a problem, you have a problem if you’re getting sick of Italian food. Sorry, ever since my visit to DOC something within me clicked and I can’t help but find every piece of bread with cheese and tomato sauce within a 20KM radius and devour everything on sight. Which led me to Fox In The Corn, nestled in Footscray not too far from 8Bit. I’m always for more culinary diversity, especially in my neck of the woods. Footscrazy, here we go!

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Mozzarella Bar – Seddon


Is there such a thing as eating too much pizza? This is my third post that involves the beloved baked bread yet, I feel that I can smash at least another 20 pies. Not in succession of course, because that would be irresponsible (I would’ve love to in my youth, though).

You see, the problem with pizza is that you can never truly ‘get sick’ of it. People who claim they get full after one or two slices are the type of people that sends my brain into rage-inducing implosion. I don’t think I can trust people who are healthy, responsible and think rationally like that. Those are the same type of people who dab the oil from their Margherita’s. I know, there’s a special place in hell for people like them and their oil-less Margs. Pizza is irrational and has the power to transform sensible adults into gluttons that awake from their food comas feeling absolutely disgusted with themselves.

Man, I love pizza.

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Rococo – St Kilda


After experiencing the majesty that comes in the form of dough, cheese and tomato from DOC – I am now self aware. Akin to a dormant android that was designed to devour every pie that comes his way, DOC has blessed me with an appetite that will decimate and devour any pizza that come my way. It’s no coincidence that this is my second post about pizza (and pasta!).

I haven’t shown much love for my Italian brothers and sisters on the blog for the last year but rest assured there’s a lot of action coming soon. It’s nice to gorge on double patty burgers, fried chicken and the like but I like a hearty plate of pasta and quality pizzas too! I just hope I don’t go on a dark pizza bender with my life spiraling out of control and have a pizzavention orchestrated by my increasingly worried family. Should that time ever come, I’m gonna take my life one pizza at a time.

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DOC Pizza & Mozzarella Bar – Carlton


I grew up with your local pizzerias that like to unload toppings on your pizza like it’s nobody’s business. I preferred pizza this way and along with my family, quantity always equaled quality. It was only recently that I had my first ‘gourmet’ pizza (that didn’t suck) that costed roughly $25. $25. I could get 5 traditional Dominos pizza’s or 40 McNuggets and have change leftover with that kind of money!

I kid of course, I’d rather die before I give any more coin to Dominos and their shady business practices. I also can’t betray Macca’s for those drunken escapades on the weekends. Ain’t nothing more satisfying than stuffing your pie hole with ambiguously shaped processed chicken pieces when you’re making bad decisions at 3am. My point is $25 is a lot for just one pizza especially when I’ve grown up with $10 pizza’s that weigh a ton from generous throwaway ingredients. Maybe I’ve grown beyond the super supreme with the lot or maybe I’ve become a pizza snob but quality definitely beats quantity.

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