Double D – Springvale


Hailing from the West, I have very few reasons to be in Springvale. It’s a solid hour of driving and time has a funny relationship with how food tastes – especially the longer you have to wait for it! If I do happen to be in the area though.. well, that changes everything. It would be a sin against gastronomy to ignore the delights Springvale has to offer. Hunter works around the Springvale area and is no stranger to Double D. After months of salivating to the onslaught of Hunter’s snapchat’s, I finally have the chance to try the Korean fried chicken at Double D.

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Good Ovening – CBD – Lt. Bourke St [Lunch Crawl]


I find that when it comes to Korean eateries, Melbourne has so many options that we are often spoiled for choice. In all honesty, Good Ovening is easily miss-able and generally not one to catch the attention of passerby’s. However, when I’m hungry I have the innate ability to sharpen my senses in seeking any restaurants within a 100 metres that I haven’t tried yet (read google). I’m pretty proud of this skill (I’m shameless). As I have mentioned before my work is so central to many options, I imagine the day I move on to a different role it’ll be a very bitter day in the life of The Hungry Mo’.

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Oh Deer Korean Fusion – CBD – Royal Lane [Lunch Crawl]


With the popularity of Korean cuisine and Kimchi appearing on just about anything from burgers to fries, Melbournians are happily welcoming Korean fusion with open arms (Looking at you Chimac!). Located in an inconspicuous location away from curious eyes, Oh Deer has been busy spreading the word online through Groupon and made sure their presence is known to all.

As keen Groupon warriors Benno and Tammy were curious and invited me along to see what Oh Deer has to offer. There’s always room for some Korean Fusion in Melbourne.

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BBQ Brothers 10 – CBD – Elizabeth St


A note from The Hungry Moustache: I apologise for the lack of posts within the last 2 weeks. There was a slew of events that kept me busy and while I did have a lot of material to cover, I was having my hands full. Hopefully, I’ll be back to my normal fat schedule and catching up on all my content. Anyways, lets go!

I think for most people, everyone has a group of friends that they would consider lifelong friends. With change and life in general, you eventually have responsibilities and rarely have time to see each other like the good old days. If you’re really lucky and everyone’s schedule seem to open up miraculously on a particular day, you get to share a wonderful meal together and no matter how many hours pass by, it never seems long enough. I guess, today was my lucky day.Read More »

Mook Ji Bar – CBD – Lonsdale St [Lunch Crawl]


Mook Ji Bar is very popular. Like, a long line to get a table because they don’t do reservations popular (unless you have a party of 6+ I think?). I can see why though, because they do Korean food and fried chicken very well and prices are relatively cheap compared to other Korean places I go to and the taste does not even compare. We ordered heaps of food on this occasion, more down below!

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