Nuevo Latino Los Rodriguez – West Footscray


I’m a little bit embarrassed that Nuevo Latino Los Rodriguez has escaped my radar for so long when I literally live just around the corner. Nuevo was my first experience with Latin American cuisine despite being posted after my review of Los Latinos (I don’t always carry my camera on me and I refused to post pictures of my phone! #qualitycontrol). Ever since my first Latin American lunch at this fine West Footscray institution, I have not looked back. Everything was delicious and I was eager to share this establishment with anyone reading. Only this time, for dinner!

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Los Latinos – Maidstone


This would mark my second experience with Latin American cuisine, the first being Nuevo Latino Los Rodriguez just a stone throw away in West Footscray. Rodriguez was amazing and I really wished I had my camera with me. Actually, I did that on purpose so I have an excuse to revisit them again (review incoming, I promise!). Nestled on Mitchell Street among a strip of low-key takeaway shops and the obligatory coin laundromat, Los Latinos has been toiling away serving what they know well, Columbian cuisine. From the amount of takeaway customers and patrons that night, Los Latinos seems to be ticking the right boxes.

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