+39 Pizzeria – CBD – Little Bourke [Lunch Crawl]


Pizza is a dime a dozen within the Melbourne CBD, you can’t walk one block without passing by a few margheritas or two. You can grab a greasy slice of unloved bread with questionable cheese or you can go to +39 to satisfy that constant weekly urge to have a whole pizza to yourself. Admittedly, this was my first time here and the excitement was coursing through my veins ready for that hot Italian injection. (cough)

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Brooklyn Depot – CBD – Lonsdale St. [LUNCH CRAWL]


Before I start this review I want to take a second and acknowledge a gentlemen who works at Brooklyn Depot named Scott for his sheer professionalism and the outstanding service he provided. Long story short, I reserve a table for the wrong time and below the minimum people required for a booking yet Scott was still able to sneak us in. This was during the lunch peak, mind you. You’re a legend mate.

Bromance with Scotty a side, I noticed Brooklyn Depot roughly 2-3 weeks ago. It was properly buzzing with the lunchtime crowd despite only recently joining the ranks of numerous eateries in the CBD. Brooklyn Depot has stores in Queensland, New South Wales and now we finally get a slice of the pie in Victoria. With such a drool-worthy menu and a great location for work lunches – you know we had to do a Lunch Crawl.

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Tsuta Sushi – CBD – Hardware Lane [Lunch Crawl]


Have you ever wondered just before taking a bite a burger, ‘You know what this burger needs? Rice. Oh and also seaweed. Scratch that, can you please make this burger a bit more like sushi?’ Then you’re in luck, because Tsuta Sushi is an establishment that will cater to your twisted sushi-burger fetishes. In today’s social world of Instagram, people are always finding new ways to spin old classics into viral food sensations (Ramen burger anyone?).

We’re so used to brioche buns encasing the lovable beef and cheese duo, that this crazy creation just might work. Just. I mean – I like sushi and I like burgers. But sushi and burgers working together? This was either going to be horribly-vomit inducing or the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth (and I’ve placed a lot of amazing things in my mouth).

Either way, I’m excited to find out. Come at me burger-sushi!

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Üburger – Equitable Place – CBD [Lunch Crawl]


Üburger has been open for a barely a month and lunch crowds are already catching on to a good thing when they see one. By the time we arrived, all tables were taken and lines were stretched outside the curb. The owner is a hard working lady who controls the front of the house while the very capable kitchen staff churn out endless burgs to satiate Melbourne’s appetite. Üburger caters to all kinds of crowds, if you’re in a hurry and need something quick  – they have premade sandwiches/rolls/soups and salads. If you have time to wait for their burgers, you’re going to be in for a treat.

Luckily, Mr. Brunswick and I always have time.

Hey, what time is it? Burger time, amigo.

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Imperial Hotel – CBD – Bourke St [Lunch Crawl]


As if it wasn’t a trying journey of trials and tribulations when your friends attempt to decide on a place to eat, try organising a group lunch for 12 work colleagues. Fortunately, I am a tragic when organising large groups and would like to thank the extremely lovely Victoria for putting up with us! It felt like it was only just last year when we had our last team lunch, time sure flies when you’re hungry. We did so well last time at the Metropolitan, so we figured hotels were the way to go this time round again. Our experience last time was fantastic and it’s hard to find a place in the CBD that caters for large groups during the lunch time rush.

Whether you want a burger, chicken nuggets or even a steak, pub grub’ll leave you with bellies filled and you can easily food comatose into oblivion.

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Sarawak Kitchen – CBD – Swanston St [Lunch Crawl]


Fun facts with The Hungry Moustache! Did you know there are more than one type of laksa? (More like, fun fact.) My work colleague, Andy brought this bomb shell and changed my life forever. Andy was born in Malaysia and introduced me to a different bowl of Laksa at Sarawak Kitchen which he claim’s is the closest thing in Melbourne to his hometown.

I’ve tried the Sarawak Laksa here and I can quite honestly say that I have never tasted anything quite like it. It’s aromatic, peppery and I find myself randomly craving it from time to time. I thought I would try something different as a farewell to Andy before he leaves Australia for another role!

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Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co. – CBD – Elizabeth St [Lunch Crawl]


Burger upon burger upon BURGERS!

2016 was clearly another rock solid year for the humble beef batty between two buns whether it’s brioche, sesame seeded or a donut! (who am I to judge your ridiculously awesome life choices?). I’m super hyped to end with Betty’s Burgers as my last post for the year while everyone else is too busy with family and friends enjoying food to even write one word about food!

Let’s end 2016 with a big burger bang. Bring on 2017!

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