Laksa Bar – Little Lonsdale [Lunch Crawl]


So.. Only two more years until the final season of GoT. What is a man to do? With what seems like the second coming of Winter in Melbourne last week, my soul needs a good warm up!

When in doubt always Laksa. Even when you’re not in doubt, still Laksa.

So there’s this place called Laksa Bar and they load their Laksa’s with all kind of toppings. And they top off the Malaysian favourite with a big fried soft-shell crab. I really don’t need much more convincing. Let’s get it!

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Blahnik – Equitable Place [Lunch Crawl]


It’s been a few years since I’ve been in high school. But I do remember fond memories scrambling from the lockers and bolting straight to the cafeteria for first dibs for the lunch time delights. If you were late by even 5 minutes expect to see a sad pile of soggy hot dogs that costed $2.10 each (sauce not included).

Almost a decade later and and few more hot dogs under my belt, Melbourne’s CBD is now my cafeteria. Sadly, potato cakes are no longer $0.50c. Fortunately, there’s still quite a few places in the CBD that still offer cafeteria style lunches. Lunch time squad assembled, we made our way to Blahnik.

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Sambal Kampung – Little Collins [Lunch Crawl]


You can’t help feeling like Jon Snow when sometimes weather in Melbourne feels like you’re battling white walkers in the North. I don’t have a Valerian sword in my hand but I do have a bowl of laksa which I’m sure even the Night’s Watch would be envious of. I’m unsure if George R. R. Martin’s universe involves culinary delights from Malaysia. It should.

Oh, we’re visiting Sambal Kampung today by the way for this edition of Lunch Crawls. It’s cold and we’re about to get our noodle on!

Also if you’re new here, Lunch Crawls is series about sharing my experiences in the Melbourne CBD and sifting through the plethora of lunch options on offer. Good, bad, beautiful, ugly, phenominal – I’ll cover them all.

Life’s too short for chicken and broccoli that make you question your existence.

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Burger Boys – Church Lane [Lunch Crawl]


Side bar.. how good is GoT right now? No spoilers here, but I’m definitely riding that Tormund-Brienne ship. Tormund’s banter with The Hound was definitely one of the many highlights for me. Β Can’t wait for the finale!Β Oh where were we? Oh yes! Burgers. I’ll carry on now.

Like always, Mr. Brunswick is always in the know about the dingiest dives with properly equipped burgers. A pop-up burger joint residing inside a Melbourne back-alley with minimal lighting? The God of flannels and fedoras are calling out to us while sipping on a pumpkin-spiced latte. With ironic ties and bright coloured socks in tow, we made our way to the holy land.

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4 Fingers – Elizabeth St [Lunch Crawl]


One of my last meals with Mr. Brunswick because he’s moved onto a new role (Applications open for new Lunch Crawl partner in the Melbourne CBD – apply within, vegetarians preferred).

What a perfect opportunity to sweep the sadness away with hand-painted fried chicken from Singapore. You don’t know therapeutic remedies until you stuff your face with fried chicken pieces until you’re too full to feel emotions.

4 Fingers is a Singaporean fried chicken chain that has rapidly expanded to Australia with 2 outlets in Queensland and one outlet located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. I’ve seen the grams and they were giving away free chicken wings on the first day! Sadly, I was busy inebriating in a dungeon elsewhere.

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Poked – CBD – Little Lonsdale St [Lunch Crawl]


Remember when Pokemon GO got everyone outside their houses and even nerds like me can socialise with other socially-awkward nerds by spinning virtual pokeballs at Ratata’s? Williamstown beach remembers. Great times. (Still waiting for that epic Mew event)

Similarly awesome, Poke (pronounced Poh-kay) is a Hawaiian dish hailing from the island of Lays, Luau’s and cocktails by the beach. It’s a great Spring/Summer time meal when Melbourne isn’t engulfed in the bitter cold and temperamental pressure systems.

That being said, every time is Poke time. Poked brings the Hawaiian dish to our beloved CBD and judging by the queues – everyone enjoys getting poked, in more ways than one.

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+39 Pizzeria – CBD – Little Bourke [Lunch Crawl]


Pizza is a dime a dozen within the Melbourne CBD, you can’t walk one block without passing by a few margheritas or two. You can grab a greasy slice of unloved bread with questionable cheese or you can go to +39 to satisfy that constant weekly urge to have a whole pizza to yourself. Admittedly, this was my first time here and the excitement was coursing through my veins ready for that hot Italian injection. (cough)

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