Laksa Bar – Little Lonsdale [Lunch Crawl]


So.. Only two more years until the final season of GoT. What is a man to do? With what seems like the second coming of Winter in Melbourne last week, my soul needs a good warm up!

When in doubt always Laksa. Even when you’re not in doubt, still Laksa.

So there’s this place called Laksa Bar and they load their Laksa’s with all kind of toppings. And they top off the Malaysian favourite with a big fried soft-shell crab. I really don’t need much more convincing. Let’s get it!

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Sambal Kampung – Little Collins [Lunch Crawl]


You can’t help feeling like Jon Snow when sometimes weather in Melbourne feels like you’re battling white walkers in the North. I don’t have a Valerian sword in my hand but I do have a bowl of laksa which I’m sure even the Night’s Watch would be envious of. I’m unsure if George R. R. Martin’s universe involves culinary delights from Malaysia. It should.

Oh, we’re visiting Sambal Kampung today by the way for this edition of Lunch Crawls. It’s cold and we’re about to get our noodle on!

Also if you’re new here, Lunch Crawls is series about sharing my experiences in the Melbourne CBD and sifting through the plethora of lunch options on offer. Good, bad, beautiful, ugly, phenominal – I’ll cover them all.

Life’s too short for chicken and broccoli that make you question your existence.

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Sarawak Kitchen – CBD – Swanston St [Lunch Crawl]


Fun facts with The Hungry Moustache! Did you know there are more than one type of laksa? (More like, fun fact.) My work colleague, Andy brought this bomb shell and changed my life forever. Andy was born in Malaysia and introduced me to a different bowl of Laksa at Sarawak Kitchen which he claim’s is the closest thing in Melbourne to his hometown.

I’ve tried the Sarawak Laksa here and I can quite honestly say that I have never tasted anything quite like it. It’s aromatic, peppery and I find myself randomly craving it from time to time. I thought I would try something different as a farewell to Andy before he leaves Australia for another role!

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