La Roche – St Kilda


I did mention I was going to eat my way around St Kilda a lot more often and here we are! I’m a simpleton, if you take great photos of fried chicken, burgers and/or pizzas on your Instagram feed one thing is going to happen. You’re going to get a follower who stalks you for at least a one month probation period before he drags his rag-tag group of mates in an attempt to decimate your menu.

Keyword: attempt.

La Roche stands on the corner of the foot traffic heavy, Acland Street. It’s no surprise that they’re packed to the rafters on a lazy Sunday afternoon but we did manage to nab a table outside. Copious amounts of face stuffing, here we come!

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The Metropolitan Hotel – CBD [Lunch Crawl]


I walk past The Metropolitan Hotel everyday towards my 9 to 5. I often see a lot of locals enjoying a pint or two and a lot of CBD warriors having lunch al fresco as well. It’s one of those places I gloss past going home but luckily for me, The Metropolitan was the next destination for our team lunch (Shout out to my boo Tori and her amazing planning!).

Side note, I panic often. And when I panic I make poor decisions (I’ll keep this food related). There is nothing worse than rushing your way across the menu and end up choosing a lemon because everyone’s ready to order at the table, except for you. This has happened to me too many times specially more so, when I try to experiment and not order the ‘safer’ options (never again, Whiskey Ramen..). The advantage of knowing where you’re going in advance means you have ample time to scrutinize over every inch of the menu. Needless to say, I came to The Metropolitan prepared.

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Mrs Parma’s – CBD – Little Bourke Street

It’s like a shining bosom-.. I mean beacon of hope.

It’s been a long week, constant stress, endless mountains of paperwork and you’re barely scraping past those cutthroat deadlines. Just another typical week for your average Joe, yearning for the sweet, sweet nectar of the Gods to revitalise his tired soul as soon as the clock strikes 5. A couple of beers and some parma’s. Ain’t nothing more patriotic than a schooner of liquid courage and a flattened piece of fried chicken with tomato sauce and cheese. With Mrs. Parma looking that happy, surely we can be happy too with her pair of erm… Parma’s.

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540 on Barkly – West Footscray


What happens when you’re trying to diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle you have been struggling to keep up on the daily? Well, you usually receive a vague text such as, “ciders. same place. 6pm.” just before your gym session. How could I say no? I’m not a monster. Thus, started the evening at 540 on Barkly situated on Barkly Street in West Footscray. I must confess, I love to share. Sharing food with friends is a great reason to fill up your table with an array dishes you have never tried before. This is especially true when you’re friends with people who’re usually not so sensible and over order beyond their stomach real estate can handle. My kind of people.

We were on a mission. Not so impossible, but one even Ethan Hunt would happily take on without a blink of an eye (Hopefully, not before the secret message explodes). We couldn’t over look the Tapas listing or even the Mains for that matter. Everything sounded so damned good. After the standard ‘Umms’, ‘Ahhs’ and ‘Can we just order everything?’,  we locked in our choices.

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