Phat Chicks – West Footscray


For the longest time the West was missing that little something something. That little ‘Oomph’, or a ‘KAPOW!’ or simply a “BAMF!” that has everyone turning for a double take. West Footscray is an immensely huge cultural tasting plate, largely owing to it’s diverse amalgamation of ethnicities. It’s also a place I call home, a proud foodie of the West!

Barkly Street is quite literally ‘Little India’, that branches off to a slew of famous Vietnamese eateries, local takeaways and a few eccentrically placed midnight kebab trucks for the inebriated and bad decision makers at 2am on a Saturday.

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Imperial Hotel – CBD – Bourke St [Lunch Crawl]


As if it wasn’t a trying journey of trials and tribulations when your friends attempt to decide on a place to eat, try organising a group lunch for 12 work colleagues. Fortunately, I am a tragic when organising large groups and would like to thank the extremely lovely Victoria for putting up with us! It felt like it was only just last year when we had our last team lunch, time sure flies when you’re hungry. We did so well last time at the Metropolitan, so we figured hotels were the way to go this time round again. Our experience last time was fantastic and it’s hard to find a place in the CBD that caters for large groups during the lunch time rush.

Whether you want a burger, chicken nuggets or even a steak, pub grub’ll leave you with bellies filled and you can easily food comatose into oblivion.

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