De Grill – Sunshine Plaza


Public Service Announcement!

We have a new place to feed on when we catch on Tightarse-Tuesdays in Sunshine that isn’t Mambos! Rising from the ashes of from the now closed Dick Smith is De Grill (DG).  DG proves to a be a mix of modern and trendy, a long overdue injection of fresh air in Sunshine. We do have some promising places opening up soon. (More to come!)

Located right next to KFC and in prime location to lure curious moviegoers, I couldn’t help myself either and came on opening night. We were told there was free coffee (all types) just for that day. Score.

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Mason Dixon – CBD – Bourke Street [Lunch Crawl]


I haven’t been to New York (or America for that matter) nor have I had the pleasure of visiting the historical deli’s that are littered throughout the Big Apple. I’ve seen the videos of the famous Katz’s Deli where Harry met Sally was filmed (and everyone knows the infamous scene of a  young Meg Ryan) and Adam Richman (of Man v. Food fame) downing overstuffeded sandwiches like childsplay.

I’ve had my share of corned beef sandwiches but wasn’t any sandwiches in particular that had me fiending for more or much less, crave. Mason Dixon’s specialises in American sandwiches offering hoagies, bagels, breakfast menus and with your choice of meat. So much choices, so little time and tummy real estate.

Oh, did I say it was Mr. Brunswick last post like two post ago? I lied. His still with us. No one’s going to say no to Philly Cheese-Steak (unless you’re a monster).

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4 Fingers – Elizabeth St [Lunch Crawl]


One of my last meals with Mr. Brunswick because he’s moved onto a new role (Applications open for new Lunch Crawl partner in the Melbourne CBD – apply within, vegetarians preferred).

What a perfect opportunity to sweep the sadness away with hand-painted fried chicken from Singapore. You don’t know therapeutic remedies until you stuff your face with fried chicken pieces until you’re too full to feel emotions.

4 Fingers is a Singaporean fried chicken chain that has rapidly expanded to Australia with 2 outlets in Queensland and one outlet located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. I’ve seen the grams and they were giving away free chicken wings on the first day! Sadly, I was busy inebriating in a dungeon elsewhere.

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400 Gradi – Essendon


Some days you feel like being ultra productive, do your laundry, clean your house, meal prep and conquer astro phsyics whilst blogging. And then there are days where you wake up and decide that you’re going to have two dinners.

400 Gradi has enjoyed success receiving ‘The Best Magherita in the World’ a coveted prize that has curious locals (like me) and the rest of the world noticing. I like pizza and I eat a decent amount of it that borders between obsession and straight psychotic. Which begs the question, what a will the world’s best slice do to me?

As the great Reggie Fils-amie once said, ‘My body is ready’. Also, if that last sentence sounded as though Reggie is dead – he’s not. I assure you, his very much alive. Wikipedia confirms this. To the food!

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Mr and Mrs. Anderson – Hawthorn East


If you’re an avid follower of this blog (my mom prefers to watch Masterchef instead, I don’t blame her), you’ll come to realise that I don’t write up about brunch places as you’ll find other bloggers. There may be a few here and there but they are mostly swallowed up by my passionate affair with high calorie, artery clogging, coma-inducing escapades.

It’s worrying that I’ve somehow managed to elude the brunch game for so long, especially since I consider myself a proud Melbournian. Surely I’ve been doing my city a disservice by not showcasing the armada of cafes that feed our caffeine addiction and smash our avo’s. Eventually, the siren call lured me in.

I came to an epiphany whilst munching on a mouthful of Mr and Mrs Anderson’s Eggs Benny.

I need to start brunching more.

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Squire’s Loft – Essendon


I get asked a lot if I’m a ‘burger guy’ or a ‘steak guy’ which I find a little bit silly.

How can you compare a burger; a layered, handheld staple beloved by all to a perfect piece of grilled Bovine that are banned by certain Religions? It’s an absurd comparison that I cannot fathom since I love both unconditionally. If anything, I’m neither a ‘burger’ nor a ‘steak’ guy but more of a, ‘What do you have? I’ll eat it all’ guy.

When I’m not busy expanding my waistline with double pattied burgers or battling an impending food coma, your boy is busy finding a great piece of steak. It used to be simple. We were blessed with The Station Hotel, who knew a few a things about a great steak and did a wonderful job catering to us for years. We took you for granted old Station Hotel!

However, things change and so did Station Hotel’s owner’s along with their quality. Gone were the entire menu devoted to detailing if your cow grew up on a diet of grains or grass, their home, children, family talents, genetic disease etc. So this only meant one thing.

We need a replacement and we need it now! Good enough excuse to go steaking around Melbourne. Don’t get me wrong, I’m only doing this for you guys. And science. #selfless

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Sunshine Social – Sunshine


I get a warm feeling in my heart when a new place open in my neck of woods. It’s like finding a $20 note in your pocket that you forgot about from last year.  Sunshine Social’s located on Glengala Road and if you’re whizzing about on your daily cruise you may just miss it. I like to keep my ears and eyes open because you gotta watch out for freshmen when there’s a new kid on the block.

I just came back from a week-long trip from Vietnam and was grateful to escape the humidity but was welcomed by Australia’s cold embrace. It’s good to be home.

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