Brooklyn Depot – CBD – Lonsdale St. [LUNCH CRAWL]


Before I start this review I want to take a second and acknowledge a gentlemen who works at Brooklyn Depot named Scott for his sheer professionalism and the outstanding service he provided. Long story short, I reserve a table for the wrong time and below the minimum people required for a booking yet Scott was still able to sneak us in. This was during the lunch peak, mind you. You’re a legend mate.

Bromance with Scotty a side, I noticed Brooklyn Depot roughly 2-3 weeks ago. It was properly buzzing with the lunchtime crowd despite only recently joining the ranks of numerous eateries in the CBD. Brooklyn Depot has stores in Queensland, New South Wales and now we finally get a slice of the pie in Victoria. With such a drool-worthy menu and a great location for work lunches – you know we had to do a Lunch Crawl.

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Mammy’s Boy – St Kilda


I confess, I’m one of the biggest Mummy’s boy out there.

How can anyone NOT be a Mummy’s boy? I feel that most males are more inclined to their Mother’s for a variety of reasons. They’re the first and most important woman of your life. She is not only responsible for keeping you fed and alive (Excellent job by the way, Mum) but the critical figure in my life for creating an appetite that I often find myself eating beyond my needs and love every bit of it.

There is nothing greater than selfless parental love, so cherish every little bit of time you have! Unless you meet a really great chip shop and they fry the best damn chips ever. In which case, run away with said chip shop, marry them and forget your parents! They’ll be heartbroken. Maybe, die a little bit inside but I’m sure they’ll understand once you tell them about the chip story.

Long story short, love your mum’s and my mum most definitely makes better Vietnamese food than yours. (Challenges accepted)

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Butcher128 – Yarraville


You know what’s the hardest question in the world? No… it’s not, ‘What is the meaning of life?’ nor ‘Is there puppies and ice cream in heaven?’ or even something as important as ‘If they don’t have Michelin star restaurants in Heaven, I’m gonna write a stern open letter to God about it on Facebook’.

I think you’ll be surprised that most of us are asked this question weekly, daily and if you’re like me even hourly. The question of course comes in the form of six words and is the bane of my existence whenever someone asks me. What do you want to eat? How can the answer to a six word question be so hard?! Don’t get me started when you include your crew into the situation. I don’t think I can describe the situation without using profanity.

TLDR: Food is hard.

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Just Wingin’ It – Flemington Farmer’s Market [Truck Crawl]


You guys have no idea how long I’ve been trying to get a taste of Just Wingin’ It’s fried chicken and waffles. This is by no means JWI’s fault and more my lack of research and associated bad timing.

Thanks to the magic of social media, JWI was out and about last Sunday! The Hungry Moustache and co. waste no time to strike and when we do – we go for the jugular! I fell in love with the concept of fried chicken and waffles a few years back when the uncommon duo appeared on my TV screen via Man vs. Food. I’ve been wanting to travel America ever since. The combination of the sweet and savoury in the form of succulent fried chicken and waffles… I just can’t help but drool. This is coming from a guy that doesn’t have one sweet tooth in his body!

Maybe one day, I can find someone to be the waffle to my fried chicken. If that sounded creepy, don’t worry it was on purpose.

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Tsuta Sushi – CBD – Hardware Lane [Lunch Crawl]


Have you ever wondered just before taking a bite a burger, ‘You know what this burger needs? Rice. Oh and also seaweed. Scratch that, can you please make this burger a bit more like sushi?’ Then you’re in luck, because Tsuta Sushi is an establishment that will cater to your twisted sushi-burger fetishes. In today’s social world of Instagram, people are always finding new ways to spin old classics into viral food sensations (Ramen burger anyone?).

We’re so used to brioche buns encasing the lovable beef and cheese duo, that this crazy creation just might work. Just. I mean – I like sushi and I like burgers. But sushi and burgers working together? This was either going to be horribly-vomit inducing or the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth (and I’ve placed a lot of amazing things in my mouth).

Either way, I’m excited to find out. Come at me burger-sushi!

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Double D – Springvale


Hailing from the West, I have very few reasons to be in Springvale. It’s a solid hour of driving and time has a funny relationship with how food tastes – especially the longer you have to wait for it! If I do happen to be in the area though.. well, that changes everything. It would be a sin against gastronomy to ignore the delights Springvale has to offer. Hunter works around the Springvale area and is no stranger to Double D. After months of salivating to the onslaught of Hunter’s snapchat’s, I finally have the chance to try the Korean fried chicken at Double D.

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